Lawn Care  is available weekly, bi-weekly, or every 3 weeks and includes:

mow (may be mowed twice for best results), edge, weed eat, blow curb, driveway, etc. Hedge trimming may be included. 

Lawn Maintenance Estimates:

Maintenance pricing effective after your initial service. Unless your yard is immaculate you should expect to pay more for your first visit.

See below for yard clean-up estimates. 

For best results your lawn may be mowed on the highest setting and again on a lower setting.

  • Small Yard - $40.00-$45.00 per lawn service
  • Medium - $50.00
  • Large - $60.00 & Up

​Note: Lawn maintenance is billed monthly. Your average bill is $90-$100.

Lawn maintenance pricing depends on grass height, density, square footage, terrain, frequency, location & notice. Initial services take longer and will incur an additional charge. 

Initial Yard Clean-Up Estimates​: (includes fixing improperly mowed lawns, overgrown yards, hedges, weeds, etc.)
For best results your lawn may be mowed on the highest setting and again on a lower setting.

  • Small Yard - $120.00
  • Medium - $180.00
  • Large - $200.00 & Up

Additional Services:

Weed Control (spray, granules, and/or hand weeding) 

Mulch, pine straw, and hedge removal.

Yard Waste Disposal ($50 per load/per utility trailer)

Leaf Removal (Fall and Winter)

Bi-weekly Maintenance for Regular Customers: $40.00-$70.00 

Keep in mind leaf blowing is harder than it looks and we're more thorough than most. 

Rough Estimates for Initial Leaf Clean-Up/Overhaul: 
Small  - $120.00
Medium  - $180.00
Large - $200.00 & Up

Pricing depends on amount of leaves, location, short notice and whether leaves are wet or dry. (Although the top layer of leaves may be dry underneath is often wet and heavy making them more difficult to blow, rake, and/or haul away.) 

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We want your yard to be in the best shape possible which is why we recommend mowing at the proper height & watering as needed to prevent the sun from scalding your lawn.


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